Tinker's Truck was a truck owned by Tinker Sawyer in Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III .

Tinker modified the truck and made it a monster truck. It first appears, being drived by Tinker, leaving Last Chance Gas Station and chasing Michelle and Ryan. Then Tinker throws them a dead coyote and leaves. The truck appears along with Tinker when Benny was going to his jeep to get some things. Tinker allowed Benny had a ride but after he sees a chainsaw in the back of the truck, he learns Tinker's true intentions and runs to the jeep to grab a rifle. Tinker gave him a time before he accelarated to run him over but Benny moved from the way and the truck destroyed the jeep. Tinker later arrives at home and leaves the truck outside. After Benny shoots the family and Michelle escaped, Leatherface put his chainsaw in the back of the truck and drave it to go after michelle and almost runs over Benny. Later, Tex attacks Benny with an ax and accidently rips off the fuel line. Benny puts Tex under the broken line and covers him in gasoline. Later he throws a lighter to the ground and set ablaze Tex. The flames continued to the truck fuel and made it to explode.

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