Another brother of Leatherface and easily one of the least sane members of the family, he has a transradial prosthesis hook in place of a right hand for unknown reasons and an affinity for machines, chrome and technology. As he goes by two different names his real name remains unknown. Tech often makes devices to assist his family in the slaughtering of people, he also drives a very large, suped up pick up truck, which is basically a monster truck. One of the devices Tech makes is an extra large chromed out chainsaw for his brother Leatherface, engraved on the blade, a sort-of tribute and reference to his late older brother Drayton, the reference being a quote of Drayton's from the second film ("The saw is family"), another invention of Tech's is a swinging sledgehammer machine which quickens the family's slaughter methods, something brother Tex is grateful for (as he personally dislikes the "hit to the head business"). Tech also calls one of the main characters, Benny, an African-American, a "darkie", "brotha" and refers to him as "dark meat", leading to the possibility that he is a racist. Tech also tries to discipline his brother Leatherface by throwing his brother's walkman into the oven, however, this plan backfires when Leatherface forces Tech to retrieve it with his good hand. In both the rated and unrated versions as well as the alternate ending Tech is wounded, possibly fatally, when Benny opens fire on the families' house with an automatic rifle, blasting two of Tech's fingers off, as well as an ear. He appears to have died after the shooting, as he is heard saying to his brother Tex that he would be in Hell for breakfast. In the Leatherface comics, Tech is depicted as a former party loving hippie, like his brother Chop Top from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and is fixated with classic rock music and a "Chrome Machine God" he believes controls everything. He also mentions taking quaaludes and hash and lush and the purest lysergic acid ever come from Hashbury. Tech is fatally injured in the comic by being shot repeatedly by Benny, later dying in Leatherface's (who admired Tech, who was his favorite brother) arms.[7] Like his brother Drayton Sawyer, Tech appears as the head of the family household, this role is also explained by writer David J. Schow on the audio commentary for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, in which he refers to Tech as the "brains" of the operation. He is portrayed by Joe Unger.

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