Sara's Death

Sara is character that only appeared in Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III.

Sara get lost in the forest with her sister Gina a week ago before the movie events. Gina was later captured and killed by Leatherface and Sara witnesees her murder. While watching Leatherface working on Gina's face, he maked a noise which alarmed Leatherface and she leaves. Later she rescues Benny from being killed by Leatherface by making him follow her and she later loses him. Sara reunites with Benny and tells him what she has suffered and gives him a lighter. Sara then goes alone in the forest and she is found and killed by Leatherface. After being killed, Leatherface chopped her body and let it to Alfredo to throw it into the nog. Before throwing her head, Alfredo kisses it. Benny later uses the lighter that she gave to him to kill Tex .

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