Pam lives is a 2 part story written by Terri Mcminn, the actress who plays Pam in the texas chainsaw massacre on her facebook account Pam the original chainsaw gal. Telling what really happened to Pam after she was last seen and that she survived.

August 18th, 1973 

It was on a Saturday it all happened down at the old Sawyer place, hot as hell, a real scorcher. That’s when it all went down. Old lady Faulk said she's seen 'em stop off at the cafe earlier asking for directions. Bob Hewitt said he saw 'em, too. "Them girls stood out, half neked, short-shorts, no brassiers. That shit didn't fly, least ways not back in '73."

First big mistake was leaving him home alone, him bein' "Leatherface." They'd called him by that ever since years ago when Freddie first showed off his handiwork to younger brother, Jed. Jed was so impressed, he slipped and showed it off to Pop and Grandpa, something he sorely regretted later. Pop and Grandpa Sawyer had always favored Freddie over Jed, and bragged to anybody who stopped in at the cafe about him, but never Jed, and especially out at the slaughter house. Pissed Jed off no end, kept him on a low simmer 99 percent of the time. "Assholes." Jed hated him.

The way the story was told around town was, that was when ‘Frederick “Freddie” Theodore Sawyer’, became "Leatherface"... least ways around the Sawyer house, anyhoo. Pop and Grandpa Sawyer both liked it, too. They gave it their o’fficial Sawyer sanction which included a lot of Jim Beam, n plenty a hootin’ n hollerin’. Freddie, that is, "Leatherface," he had ‘special talents’. He might be two beers short of a six pack, but he sure as shit had talent. Yessiree, he did. Pop and Grandpa admired him for those talents. Jed did, too, but he was too jealous to ever admit it. That is, until they got the bodies home. Then, they all had fun together.

Didn't start out that way though. Freddie, always was a little weird, kindy off you might say, but seemed polite, nice enough, quiet, kept his head down, as I recall him. He even baby sitted for the Lanky kids now n again, n for Sheriff's kids, too. Never saw it comin'. Nothin' like what happened to him later. Nothin'. I 'member Freddie as a kid used to walk together with Jed to school, took care of him, ya know, like protective and all. Both of 'em was always dirty, n covered in bruises. I always wondered if that was a "birthmark" on Jed's face, like they said, or if somebody hadn't burned him. Get right down to it, truth be known, Jed had hated Freddie after he was around 12, hated him, 'specially after their momma ran off and left 'em all alone with Pop and Grandpa.

Who can blame her? She wuz always covered in black n blue, n workin' like a dog at the cafe. There wuz a lots a stories bout how folks seen Grandpa tryin' to feel her up at the cafe, her a cryin', n the whole time, Pa, her own damn husband jest laughin', 'bout it. BBQ wuz so good, folks didn't stay away tho. Fact is, they did a pretty damn good business. Ever body talked 'bout them poor boys and wut must be goin' on at home. After she left, that's when they quit comin' to school. Freddie... funny, hard for me to call him that now. I jest call him, Leatherface now days. We all felt bad for them boys, but you didn't screw around in Sawyer's business. Jed ended up hatin' him real bad. Funny thing, just like all kids that git beat, they want their daddy's to be proud of 'em. Know what I mean? Damnedest thang, but, it happens a lot. Sad.

"Big goddamn bully," Jed told everybody around town, "... ever since Pop got him that first chainsaw." They'd all worked out at the slaughterhouse at one time or another. Had to 've changed 'em. Somethin' did. Later, Jed didn’t sleep in the house no more, he wuz just too scared of him. That wuz no secret. Slept in the barn, or in good weather in a tent he set up in the woods, down near the tank on the edge of their back property. You know, down near the Simpson place? Town joke was: Jed liked old Leatherface just a little bit less the day that semi splattered him from Austin all the way to Waco.

Anyway, the story is, Leatherface stayed home all alone with Grandpa that day, while Jed and Pop were gone. Pop Sawyer off to the cafe, and brother Jed, off to who knows where, up to no good that’s for sure. Course, there was Grandpa, upstairs. Back in the day, Grandpa was more mo-bile and he could kindy keep an eye on Freddie, most a the time. OK that is anyway... when he started to go a little crazy, ya know? But, not by ’73. That day it was just Leatherface, left all alone with Grandpa. Well, he did have one thing to keep him company, his evilness... and his “devices." We’ll just never know. Maybe that day would have gone down differently if only those poor youngsters hadn’t wound up running outa gas. 

Leatherface said it was all their fault, “those snoopy fuckin’ kids,” Leatherface kept blabbering on about it after he got arrested. That’s what the sheriff and the state troopers said set him off . . .

Pam’s True Story

Before Jerry opened the freezer and was instantly killed by Leatherface, Pam slipped in and out of consciousness. When Leatherface pushed her back in the freezer, she was awake. Dizzy, her head pounding, her back throbbing, but awake. She began to slowly realize the terrible horrors that had occurred in the last hours that day, 

Then, it came back to her. Kirk, oh, God, no! Kirk! The memory ran through her veins... Kirk lying on that putrid table, that other room, the chicken... and were those bones? Human bones? That monster! Suddenly she felt herself sweating, and an overpowering desperation to escape. Frantically, in the dark cold, Pam began to feel around clumsily for the freezer latch. There! There it is!! It was then she realized: the latch was broken! It was broken! The lid was not locked, it was open! Hyperventilating, Pam sucked in her breath, and tried to swallow, but her throat was so dry. She held back a cough, as she laid there in fear... for minutes, but what seemed like forever to her. 

She wept silently, listening in agony to Sally's pleading, begging, her screams, men laughing at her, taunting her. Oh, Sally! Dear God, please help us! Who were these other voices? Where was that monster with the chainsaw? What was IT, human? One of the voices, she thought she recognized. She’s heard that voice. But who? Who was it? Had she met him? Where? She felt utterly and completely helpless. Then she remembered the voice was that scuzzy idiot hitchhiker!

In her gut, Pam knew exactly what she had to do. There was nothing she could do for Sally, her beloved friend, not alone. No way, not now, not with all of them there. How many were there? She then knew, she had to escape to get help. Now! With all the courage she could muster, Pam made what would be the most prophetic, and the toughest decision she would ever make in her entire life. THE decision. She would escape. 

She could hardly move with the enormous pain shooting through her battered body, but carefully, ever so very carefully, with all the strength she had left, she slowly pulled herself up, and climbed out of the freezer. She shook in panic every time she heard their movements, cringing at their grotesque laughter. Afraid even to breathe, little Pam, slipped soundlessly out the kitchen's back door. Dizzy, numb, frozen, heart pounding, hardly breathing, in her desperation and sheer terror she began to feel her feet as they began to run. Run! Run! 

In the dark, lost, hysterical, filled with fear, Pam made her way to her Aunt's place in Taylor, Tx, not far away... so close... and yet so far...

What Really Happened To Pam? Part II