Nameless girl
Nameless girl
she ran away and goes near the road





Appears in:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


No data, probably, they were slaughtered

Portrayed By:

Lauren German

The nameless girl is the episodical character of the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Likely, that she survived in the Hewitt's house, but all her family were murdered.

The Texas Chainsaw MassacreEdit

She didn't present in the original film, when five teens met the crazy young man, who was the brother of the Leatherface. In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 five teens went to Mexico and risked to hit her because the driver Kemper kissed with Erin. Teens want to help her and try to went to the hospital. But the girl was shocked, because they went to the Hewitt's farm. She pulled the revolver out of her vagina and committed suicide. Later, Morgan found the photo of this girl and her family. After arrest, sheriff Hoyt told, that they "shouldn't have messed with that little girl".

Hitchhiker puled the pistol from

The nameless girl pulled the gun out of her vagina.