Loretta Sawyer



Appears In:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D


Heather Miller (daughther)
Leatherface (cousin/brother)
Verna Carson (mother)
Drayton Sawyer (uncle/father)
Boss Sawyer (uncle)
Grandpa Sawyer (grandfather)

Portrayed By:

Dodie L. Brown

Loretta Sissy Sawyer is the mother of Heather Miller and the daughter of Verna Carson in Texas Chainsaw 3D. She's also Leatherface's cousin. Loretta was portrayed by actress Dodie L. Brown.


Loretta was in the Sawyer house with Drayton Sawyer and other Sawyer Clan when Sheriff Hooper show up to asks them to surrender Leatherface to authorites, then the mob of vigilantes lead by Burt Hartman, which they proceed to burn down the Sawyer Famhouse with everyone in it, except Loretta and her baby Edith. Loretta was near death when she was confronted by Gavin Miller, a another vigilante, who took her baby and kick her face hard and then she died and Gavin and his wife Arlene took her daughter to raise as their own.