Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

'Directed by'

Jeff Burr

'Produced by'

Robert Engelman

'Written by'

David J. Schow


Kate Hodge
Ken Foree
William Butler
Viggo Mortensen
Joe Unger
Tom Everett
R.A. Mihailoff
Toni Hudson
David Cloud
Beth DePatie

'Music by'

Jim Manzie
Patrick Regan

'Distributed by'

New Line Cinema

'Release Date'

January 12, 1990

Running Time

81 min.
85 min. (unrated version)

'Preceded by'

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

'Followed by'

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III is the third film in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. It takes place in a different timeline than the first two, though it does act as though similar events to the first film took place.

Plot Edit

The intro says that Sally Hardesty, the sole survivor of the five who were attacked by cannibals, died in a private health care facility, and that apparently the only survivor of the cannibals, W.E. Sawyer, was captured executed in the gas chambers in 1981. It was assumed that Leatherface was really W.E. Sawyer, as he was never found.

The film begins with Leatherface killing a girl (Gina) with a sledgehammer. Another girl, Sara, watches through a window and escapes.

Michelle and her boyfriend Ryan drive through Texas to deliver a car to Michelle's father, and drive through a security checkpoint near a spot where several butchered bodies are being dug up. They arrive at the Last Chance Gas Station where they meet a hitchhiking cowboy named Tex, who recommends a route for them to take. The owner, Alfredo, is a demented pervert. After he spies on Michelle in the washroom, Tex gets into a fight with him, ending with Alfredo pulling out his shotgun and shooting at Michelle and Ryan as they drive away, and apparently he shoots Tex.

Ryan and Michelle become lost at night while taking the route Tex recommended, and are later attacked by a large truck. The unknown driver throws a dead coyote at the windshield. Their car gets a flat tire, and as Ryan is changing the tire, Leatherface attacks them with a chainsaw, scratching the car. They hit Leatherface with the car before they drive off to escape him. Tex jumps in front of their car, causing them and another driver, Benny, to crash, knocking out Michelle.

Ryan explains the situation to Benny, and after Michelle wakes up, Benny goes to find Tex, and runs into a man named Tinker who has a hook for a right hand. Tinker offers to help them out and sets up road flares, but when Benny discovers a chainsaw in his truck , he realizes Tinker's true intentions, and grabs an automatic rifle, but Tinker tries to run him over. While escaping, Benny runs into Leatherface, but is saved by Sara when she lures him away from him.

Sara's hand is injured and her entire family has been killed. After Benny leaves, Leatherface eviscerates Sara with his chainsaw, and stalks Michelle and Ryan. Ryan is caught in a beartrap and is left to be mutilated by Leatherface as he tells Michelle to run.

Arriving at a house, Michelle finds a little girl, who has a skeletal doll, concealing a knife, which she stabs Michelle with. Tex, who is a brother of Leatherface, nails Michelle to a chair and introduces her to Grandpa, who is dead, and a withered corpse, but is fed blood and treated as if he is still alive. Leatherface's mother, Mama Sawyer appears, in a wheelchair and speaking with an electronic voice box. Tinker, also a brother of Leatherface, brings in Ryan, who is nearly dead. Tex gives Leatherface a gold chainsaw made by Tinker.

While Alfredo, also a brother of Leatherface, is disposing of the bodies in a bog, Benny finds him and asks him how many cannibals there are. When Alfredo refuses to cooperate, Benny throws him into the bog, leaving him to drown.

The little girl kills Ryan with a sledgehammer-swinging device. As Leatherface is about to kill Michelle with his chainsaw, Benny hears the noise and shoots at the cannibals with his rifle. Mama Sawyer is killed when several shots hit her in the chest, and Tinker's ear is shot off (as well as two fingers, as revealed in the uncut), leaving him to presumably bleed to death. Part of Grandpa's body is destroyed and Leatherface is incapacitated. Michelle breaks free and escapes. Leatherface chases her in Tinker's truck, nearly running over Benny, who is out of ammo. Tex fights Benny, but he soaks Tex in fuel and uses a lighter (given to him by Sara earlier) to set him on fire, killing him and blowing up the truck.

Benny then knocks Leatherface into the bog as he is about to kill Michelle, but Leatherface forces his head into his own chainsaw. Leatherface then attempts to drag Michelle into the bog, but she bashes him on the head with a rock multiple times, supposedly killing him as he sinks into the bog.

As Michelle is walking off the next day, a Last Chance Gas Station truck drives up, but it is Benny driving the truck, having survived his encounter with Leatherface. They are then attacked by Alfredo, but Michelle shoots him in the chest with a shotgun, killing him. As Michelle and Benny drive away, Leatherface appears, watching the truck drive off, and activates his chainsaw.

Continuity Edit

This film is non-canon with the previous two films, although Sally Hardesty is mentioned, as well as Franklin, indicating that similar events to the first one took place. Drayton Sawyer is replaced with W.E. Sawyer, and instead of dying by a grenade in 1987, he dies in the gas chambers in 1981. Leatherface also has a different family: His mother, Mama Sawyer, his daughter, the unnamed little girl, and three brothers: Tex, Tinker, and Alfredo. Also, Leatherface died in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

Stretch does have a cameo appearance, however, but this is likely just her role in this new continuity.

Leatherface has a brace on his leg from the injury he received at the end of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which is not present in the second film and therefore an alternate sequel.

Sequel Edit

There is no sequel to this film; however, another film was released after this one, entitled Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation. It does not take place in this timeline or the previous one, and Leatherface has a different family, and they are not cannibals. W.E. Sawyer, who is dead before the events of this film, is alive and one of the main antagonists in TCM: The Next Generation.

Alternate endingEdit

The R-Rated version of the film of the film featured a diffrent ending. After Benny knocks Leatherface to the bog, they start fighting. But Leatherface forces Benny to his chainsaw, slashing his head in half. Michelle gets away shocked but she is attacked by a burned Tex. Michelle then throws Tex to a trap, killing him. Leatherface then grabs Michelle and forces her to the bog but Michelle hits him with a rock in the head several times. Leatehrface then sinks in the bog. At the dawn, Michelle approches the road and sees a passing police car. She smiles but then she sees the little girl in the back of the car. The car goes away and Michelle strats laughting madly.

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