The little girl, who apparently does not have a name, is the daughter of Leatherface, and a cannibal. She only appeared in Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III.

Michelle ran into the little girl when she entered the cannibals' house, and the little girl stabbed her with a knife concealed inside a skeletal doll. She later killed Ryan by bashing him with a sledgehammer-swinging device. Her final fate remains unknown; while Mama Sawyer, Tinker (presumably), Tex, and Alfredo were killed, she apparently survived, and was not seen afterwards.In the movie she was last seen turning on the studio lights and later standing at the window when Benny and Tex were fighting,when Benny burned Tex with the lighter she shortly glanced at the window before leaving,dissapointed because her uncle Tex was just burned to death,that was the last time she was seen in the movie.In the alternate ending she was seen in the back of the sheriff s car,probably arrested,however her hands weren t cuffed.

Portrayed by Jennifer Banko

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