Kemper is the character in the 2003 remake of The The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Tcm 2003 kemper
Name: Kemper
Location: Arizona
Year Of Birth: 1948
Year Of Death: 1973

Size : 6'1 / 1m88

Job: Gas Station
Relatives: Unknown
Girlfriend: Erin Hardesty (3 Years)
His Best Buddies: Andy & Mogan
Portrayed By: Eric Balfour

Kemper and his friends were headed to a Lynard Skynard concert in Dallas,Texas. Along the way they stop in Mexico were Kemper purchased 32 oz. of marijuana. Once in Texas his girlfriend Erin finds out he has been hiding the marijuana in a piniata infuriating her. Just then he swerves to avoid hitting a girl walking in the middle of the road. She is physically traumitized by something and they offer to give her a ride to where ever it is she needs to go.

Once in the van she pulls out a revolver and shoots herself. They stop at a field where Kemper throws out all the marijuana. They then all get back in the van and head over to a meat shop where the owner tells them to meet the sherrif at the crawford mill. They go there but the sherrif failed to show up as planned. They meet a little boy who tells them he is likley at home getting drunk.

Kemper and Erin leave the others behind to try and find this home. They finally come across the house after walking through the woods. Erin is allowed in by the owner Monty while Kemper is told to wait outside. Kemper enters minutes later when Erin does not return. He hears a noise coming from inside one of the rooms and cracks open the door to see what it is.

He accidently drops something that was hanging on the door and as he bends down to pick it up Leatherface appears behing him weilding a sledge hammer swinging it into his back killing him. He drags his body into the basement of the house were he skins his face and wears it as a mask.