Appears In:

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


Sally Hardesty (girlfriend)
Franklin hardesty (friend)
Pam (friend)
Kirk (friend)

Type of Death:

Hit in the head by a sledgehammer.

Portrayed By:

Allen Danziger

"Jerry" is a character from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. He is the boyfriend of Sally Hardesty and the presumed


owner of the Van. He is the third of the group to enter the Sawyer house. Upon entering the house and going into the back room, he finds Pam in a Freezer. As he turns around he is struck in the head by Leatherface with a sledgehammer. Leatherface then turns and puts Pam back inside the freezer. Leatherface proceeds to look out the front windows for anymore intruders.


  • "That's the last goddamn hitchhiker I ever pick up."
  • "Come on guys, quit goofing on me."
  • "Have you been doing those Reader's Digest "Word-Power" columns again?"
  • "Now it looks like the birthplace of Bela Lugosi."

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