Portrayed by Jessica Biel
Location Texas
Family Unnamed parents and brother
Status Alive
Appearance(s) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Erin is a fictional character, main protagonist and sole survivor from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.

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The Texas Chainsaw MassacreEdit

Erin is first seen riding in the truck with her friends: Pepper, Morgan, Andy and her boyfriend Kemper. They are on their way to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert after returning from Mexico. When Kemper gives her some pot to smoke she throws it out of the window and says it was an accident. Then Morgan slips out that they already have more. Erin seems suprised by this and asks Morgan if the reason they came to Texas is to buy pot. He says they didn't, and sarcastically asks her if she loves him, Erin jokingly says very little. They kiss and when Erin looks back on the road she tells him to watch out and they almost hit a female hitchiker.

Erin gets out of the van and tells the girl she can come in. She asks they girl some questions and when the girl sees they are going the same way she came from she frantically tries to stop them. She tells them of a very bad man and take out a gun from between her legs and shoots her self in the head. Everyone starts screaming and they get out of the car.

They go to a meat shop where the find it's owner: Luda May Hewitt. After telling her about the incident she tells them to meet the sherrif at the Old Crawfard Mill. They do as instructed but are let down to find that the Sherrif never showed.

The group hears from a young boy named Jedidiah that the Sherrif is at home drinking. Erin and her boyfriend Kemper head off to find him while the others stay behind to look after there van. They eventually make it to the house and Erin is allowed in by the grumpy wheelchair bound Uncle Monty while Kemper is instucted to wait outside. After contacting the sherrifs station she tries to help Monty into the tub. She then hears a loud noise and goes to investigate.

She can't seem to find Kemper and heads back to the van. Convinced Kemper is somewhere in the house she distracts Monty long enough for Andy to search the house. She hears a loud noise and runs in to make sure everything is all right. Monty barges in yelling at them for entering his home. Leatherface comes out reving his chainsaw. As Andy fights off Leatherface he yells for Erin to run.

She heads back through the woods making it to the van by nightfall. Morgan and Pepper demand to know what she her problem is. Sherrif Hoyt arrives and after finding marijuana on them forces them all to the ground. He lifts Morgan to his feet forcing him into the van and demanding him to re-enact how the girl killed herself and Morgan turns the gun on Hoyt. Erin yells for him to put the gun down but he pulls the trigger. He finds that there were no bullets in the chamber and Hoyt drives off with him in his squad car.

Erin attempts to hot wire the car managing to get the car running but she runs into a ditch and the back tire falls off. Just then Leatherface arrives driving his chainsaw through the roof of the car. Pepper tries to escape on foot and sawed in half. Erin turns on the head lights horrified to see leatherface donning Kempers face. He chases her to a trailer park were she is allowed in by the Luda May and Henrietta. They give a bit of insite to Leatherface's child hood and offer her tea slipping her a tranquilizer whichs knocks her out.

She awakens surrounded by the whole family and is thrown into the basment finding Andy giving him a mercy killing and Morgan. Two escape with Jedidiah's help making it to an abandoned house. Morgan is killed trying to save Erin and Leatherface continues pursuing her through a meat factory. She hides in a locker and when he is caught off guard severs Leatherfaces right arm and leaving him screaming in pain. She flags down help from a trucker who stops at the meat shop for help. While the trucker is talking with the family Erin sneaks into the shop and rescues a baby who had been kidnapped by Henrietta.

She then drives off running over Hoyt several times killing him. She continues down the road and Leatherface pops up scrapping the side off the car with his chainsaw and starring in disgust as she drives off.


  • In some deleted scenes it is revealed that the reason for Erin not smoking the weed or drinking was because she was pregnant. It is unknown if she really is pregnant.
  • It is revealed in Wildstorm's comic continuation of the 2003 remake, that after Erin escaped the Hewitts, she was placed in a mental hospital by proper authorities. When the authorities found Leatherface dead, she told them that they got the wrong Leatherface becuase they found Leatherface had two arms, and she told them that he only had one arm.

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