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Appears In:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation


Heather (boyfriend)
Jenny (friend)
Sean (friend)

Portrayed By:

Tyler Shea Cone

Barry is a character that appeared in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.

Barry appears in the prom and is identified as Heather's boyfriend but she founds him kissing another girl and tries to go away in his car and almost hit him. Barry gets in the car and discovers that Sean and Jenny were hiding in the back of the car. Heather drives the car into a forest and crashes with another car. The driver gets unconscious and Heather, Barry and Jenny look for help while Sean stayed with the boy. They later find Darla's office and ask her for help. Darla calls Vilmer Sawyer and tells him to go to the crash site. Then Heather and Barry persuit a truck and leaved Jenny alone. The truck stoped at a house and Barry went to the backyard to look for help. He founded W.E. who held him at gunpoint while Leather gets Heather. W.E. Sawyer scolds Barry to the entrance and the boy gets in the house and locks W.E. out. He goes to the bathroom to urinate. When he sees a dead body in a bathtub, he quits the room and is killed by Leatherface with a sledgehammer.

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