Bailey tries to Escape



Appears In:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning


Dean (boyfriend)
Chrissie (friend)
Eric (friend)

Portrayed By:

Diora Baird

Bailey is a character in the prequel to the 2003 remake. She is Dean's girlfriend. In July 1969 she accompanies her boyfriend and friends Chrissie and Eric through Texas so Dean and Eric can enlist to go to Vietnam. After they stop at a local eatery they encounter a group of bikers. After pulling away a female biker, Alex, follows them. Dean decides hes not going to Vietnam and burns his draft card in front of Eric, Chrissie and Bailey. Alex tries to get the group to pull over with a shotgun and a chase ensues, ending in the groups car crashing and flipping over after Eric tries to shoot the biker. She is captured by Sheriff Hoyt, along with Dean and Eric (Dean's brother) after their car crashes and tied to the kitchen table at the house. Eric later cuts her free and she tries to escape in Monty`s truck.                                                    She manages to almost escape, but Leatherface catches up with her and hooks her in the chest with a meat hook and pulls her out of the truck before dragging her back into the house. She is then tied to a bed in an upstairs room of the house (to presumably be raped). Chrissie finds her and tries to rescue her but is caught by Sheriff Hoyt. Bailey, Chrissie, and Dean appear at the dinner table with Dean unconscious, Chrissie tied to a chair and Bailey extremely disturbed and almost unconscious. It is then revealed that Bailey has had her tongue cut out. Leatherface then enters and slits her throat with a pair of scissors "to set her free" as Chrissie screams in terror. She is portrayed by Diora Baird.