Amelia Sawyer
Amelia Sawyer



Appears In:

Jason vs. Leatherface 1 (corpse)
Jason vs. Leatherface 2 (corpse)
Jason vs. Leatherface 3 (corpse)


Grandpa (husband)
Velma Sawyer (daughter)
Drayton Sawyer (son)
Leatherface (grandson)
Nubbins Sawyer (grandson)

Type of Death:

Fell down the stairs.

Amelia Sawyer is a character from Jason vs. Leatherface, therefore non-canon. She is treated by Drayton as Aunt Amelia, but she is in fact his grandma.

Jason vs. Leatherface 1Edit

Drayton Sawyer introduces her to Jason Vorhees as Aunt Amelia and as member of the family, although she's dead, apparently for some time due to the state of decomposition of the body, after falling down the stairs.

Jason vs. Leatherface 2Edit

We see her in the table for breakfast, along Grandpa, Nubbins, Drayton, Leatherface and Jason. During the night, Jason goes to the attic and sees Grandpa holding Aunt Amelia's hand, flooding him with memories and emotions alien to him. Then Drayton appears and asks Jason to help him get Grandpa and granny downstairs for supper.

Jason vs. Leatherface 3Edit

During the fight between Jason and Nubbins, Jason cuts Aunt Amelia's head with his machete.